Are you spending countless hours trying to piece financial information together from the internet?

There's a better solution!

Fast track your way to financial wholeness 

with a wealth plan created during your 2-hr 1:1

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What in your Wealth Plan?


A review of your budget and Net Wealth


An audit of your debts and a debt pay off plan tailored to your lifestyle and goals


How to invest for your needs and goals


A tailored retirement timeline


Determine how much you'll need to set aside for your emergency fund and why


Determine how much you'll need to set aside for your emergency fund and why

“After meeting with Keallah one on one I feel so much more confident about my investment plans/goals. The terminology can be intimidating…the ticket tape dizzying, but Keallah explained, and gave me tools to reference, that break down what information is being communicated and how that information should influence my investment decisions.  The 1:1 session is money well spent.”


Does this sound like you?


Investing in the stock market feels intimidating


After hours of YouTube videos and online articles, you still feel inadequate


You feel overwhelmed and puzzled by the abundance of contradicting advice you’ve received


You're unsure on where to start


You didn't get a financial foundation as a child or young adult


Working with a coach can pay off in exponential ways if such a relationship helps to optimize some aspect of your life or performance in an area that really matters to you.  - Forbes Magazine

Join Me

During your 1:1 I'll take your through your finances to set you up for short and long term success while giving you the confidence you need to create and maintain good money habits.  Simply show up, follow my lead, and you'll be ready to plan your future and live the life you deserve!



WAS $299

AFTER Your coaching session, YOU'LL BE ABLE TO

Feel confident about your finances

Lack of confidence can paralyze us from even getting started. With the knowledge you'll gain in our session, you'll have all the confidence you'll need to make a significant impact on your finances. 

Have a plan that's tailored towards your life

When it comes to finances, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”.  There is no book, podcast or YT video that can create  a tailored plan for you.  Only your coach can do that. 


Know exactly how your money can work for you

To reach your long term goals, you'll learn how to invest in order to make your money work for YOU!



Bonus offer

Add a 1-hr follow up call for just an additional $50!

You don’t want to miss out on this offer, regularly a $99 value.

Keallah Smith


I remember the feeling of trying to learn a new skill but not really knowing where to start or who to turn to for guidance.  I know what it's like to get information overload from google searches but the end result was frustration.  

The point of a coach is to provide clarity and an easy to follow plan that's tailored towards your needs so that you can by pass the frustration and paralysis.

That's what I'm here for.  We'll work together to create a game plan that sets you up to reach your financial goals. 

Whether you want to retire early, create generational wealth, vacation more, get out of debt or buy a house. 

Whatever your goals are, your Wealth Plan will be a reflection of you.

Here's what others are saying

“Your style of teaching is understandable and easy to grasp, not intimidating at all as many people shy away from investing for this very reason.  I appreciate you so much!”


“Highly recommend you to book a session.  You will not regret the personalized attention to your finances- far from what you will get if you have an appointment at a bank."


Quit letting your dreams stay dreams

Want to travel more, retire comfortably, buy a home or investment property? It all starts with your finances. Book your 1:1 to properl yourself forward.